Finally, finally…

Dear my friends, families and benefactors

I FINALLY heard a good news.

My second surgery is today (this morning at 9am)!

The initial culture result came back and there seems to be no bacteria growing from that culture. After a week of careful observation under Drs. Julio and Perez, it was declared that we can now safely assume the infection is gone.

We had been just waiting for the plastic surgent to be available to be available for taking a good look at all the results, and to schedule the appointment for my 2nd surgery. it just feels so long. We’ve already waited for more than a month for this. Although it has been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done in my life it makes me realise I am a fortunate person when I read all the news around the world.

So all I can do is to focus on my little achievements – like “putting socks on by myself”, “I walked around the garden twide pushing the wheelchair”, “I ate 1/3 of dinner I was given”.

While waiting, we had some extraordinary experiences (well, for me- who appreciates little things even more now). The “art therapy”, which was in the leaflet, had not been available until now, assuming due to the scheduling conflict or something. This was a disappointment for some of us. Luckily, I did bring a minimum set of watercolor, brushes, paper, etc.

This happened all organically but I opened my room for our self ‘art therapy’ session, where four of us just picked what we wanted to paint.

Everyone except for me wad here is here to take care of her husband, so Mike could also have a break from having to watch over me for a few hours- which was a much needed rest for him. He has been so incredible taking care of all the finance, admin, confultations with doctors and nurses, let alone everyday help like going to the bathroom!

This group of pepole have left last weekend, some of whom I’ve gotten close to and I was quite sad. But they all said you’ll meet new people or something or someone will be sent your way. On that day a pastor came to visit (as I was in too much pain to attend the church meeting), and it’s always a great experience with being with someone spiritually so devoted.

There was also a lovely couple who was relatively new (they also left yesterday) came knocking on the door with a gift of box. My wall is filling up with all the cards people have given me. Some of these are from people I’m not really able to match their faces and names. I’m finally at least understanding the sayings like “God will provide the way” (there is a similar saying in Japanese too).

Thanks to your incredible spport and ittle miracles experience here while waiting, I became less and less worried, and I am certain I came out from my operation with flying colors. I hope you will have a great day.

 with Love













比較的新しい素敵なカップル(彼らも昨日出発しました)がプレゼントの箱を持ってドアをノックしてきました。私の壁は、人々が私にくれたカードでいっぱいです。中には顔も名前も全く一致しない人からのものもあります。 「神は道を備えてくださる」(日本語にも同じようなことわざがあります)のようなことわざが、ようやく少し理解できるようになりました。




Dear friends, families and my benefacotors, (日本語は下にあります、英語と少し違います)
I have only just realized I  only posted about my surgery on FB. So here is the renewed version of where we are at. The truth is, it’s been really tough and I didn’t want to subject you to what I was going through- it’s hard for me to see friends worry and be sad.
The good news is that my surgery went well, thanks to the world’s renowed doctor Contreras and his excellent and caring team. Originally I was told “let’s just aim for making the quality of my life better”, rather than trying to remove tumor completely at the expense of everything else (like my body’s ability to sustain the surgery, I suppose). Instead, they were able to remove the tumors in my breast 100%. Everyone is very pleased about this.
So for the first few week I was bed-ridden and in total almost a month I could not go out of my room. I have been moving my feet and hands, as well as any other area I could possibly move, and now I am able to sit and walk for a short distance. This has made a huge difference in my life here.
Since everyone has been talking to Mike whenever he went down to the cafeteria, when I started going down to the communal area everyone already knew my name, and what I was going through. It is a giant emotional support web. This week I have been able to have more meals downstairs with everyone, and feel a lot more human again.
However it’s been a series of one complications after another since my first surgery. Like I said before every time I hear this news (that the culture came back not so great and it may well be another 20 days or more of waiting)  I  cry like a baby- but angels are always sent to my way: Mike had worked very hard to secure a room with balcony for us- as the lovely old couple was leaving in a few days. Now I can have the sun and the view when I need.

For those of you interested in more about the treatment, I have also started what is called the  Ozone Treatment, which directly works on the rest of the tumors in my body. It was in the original treatment plan but they chose not to until both my surgeries are donw- then they discussed and figured it may actually help with the infection as well.

The policy here is starting with lower dosage so it’s easier on the body especially like someone small like me.

This wait is all because they suspect that I had caught an infection possibly at the hospital in Japan before I left. Whatever it is, it’s very resistant to antibiotics.
So from the beginning I was told I need two surgeries and we have been on 3 different antibiotics, waiting for the infection to clear. The doctors tell us that my skin is healing super well and bacteria is very weak and hardly any, it’s not 100% gone yet. So I’m on my fourth antibiotics,  for 24 hours attached to IV and other equipment. It’s easy to get angry, sad and dissapointed, but instead, I am trying to see what these extra weeks here is giving me (endurance? more time to play with watercolor? help others somehow?)
I have been blessed with loving support from everyone here, and you guys from all over the world. I thank you every day for bringing me here. This is the perfect place. Thank you for those of you who’ve asking after me. Your loving thoughts keep me safe. And enjoy photos of your everyday life when you sent them to me too. 
With Love


自分の手術について FB に投稿しただけだったことに今気づきました。これが私たちの現在の状況の更新版です。実を言うと、本当に大変だったので、私が経験したことをあなたに課したくなかったのです。友達が心配して悲しんでいるのを見るのは私にとって辛いです。




しかし、最初の手術以来、次から次へと複雑な条件が起こりました。詳細は省略しますが、主にこの感染症によるものですが、機械の手配違いだったりと、運によるものでもあります。当初の計画では2週間ほど前に退院する予定だった。むしろ、今はまだあと 20 日ほどかかるかもしれない。