Power of prayer

Dearest friends, families and my benefactors,

I had not realized that this was not posted- so it’s almost been a month! I’m still at the hospital, due to many complications. This was written at the beginning of February.


A few days have passed again and I am doing all right. So it looks like I will be having an operation either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. This is amazing as hospitals in Japan said there was nothing they could do except for chemotherapy.


As someone who has never had an operation (!) I am a little nervous. But if I were to have one this place couldn’t get any better. The head doctor Dr. Contreras, the son of the founder, held my hand while he was talking. My anxiety got a relief- that something can be done now, finally.


Actually Dr. Contreras gives a talk every weekend here on Sunday for the patients. I managed to waddle over to the ‘church’ room and Mike and I found it very inspiring. I already forgot the details, but according to the double blind study done by UC SF, the group of parents who had people praying for them had a 30% higher recovery rate than the group that didn’t. Double blind here means neither the doctors or patients knew that they had people praying for them.


Now I think we can brush this aside (but there are apparently lots of similar studies) or be intrigued. I was intrigued because this is similar to what a philosopher Carl Jung called the collective consciousness.


Breakfast the other day. Egg on vegetable sauce and oatmeal.


Going back to Dr. Contreras’s talk, he talked a lot about the kind of mentality I’ve been trying to develop- his is in a context of Christianity. There are things I can’t control, all I can do is to try to have a clearer mind so when the help comes I won’t miss it, or be arrogant and say I can handle by myself. After the talk everyone held hands and prayed for healing, for the self and others. Then a lot of people came over and told me they’d been praying for me as I don’t make it downstairs. One of them had given me flowers through Mike.



I do think it’s a lovely thing that people say I pray for you. One of our cleaners, Leslie, always says “I pray for you, sweetie, every day and night”. When I am waiting for my bed to be done, she always covers me with a fresh sheet, and stroke my hair. When can’t see how that wouldn’t have a positive impact on your immune system!


Friday, 1 February

Although I was scheduled to do two treatments, I was told in the morning to just sit tight until the operation.

Saturday, 2 February

An exercise session on bed with a physical therapist. 50 minutes of moving my legs and arms. It felt great.

Sunday, 3 February

Some time in the garden in the Sun. ‘Church’ time in the morning.

Monday, 4 February

Doctors came by to tell us about the surgery.