My first week

Hello friends, famiies and everyone, (日本語のGoogle翻訳は下にあります)

First of all, I am doing ok, and I thank you for bringing me to this place. (In case you don’t know my situation, you can find the background here.)

As I had suspected, it was rather difficult to update this blog for the past few days- between various checks, treatments and tests, being knocked out from painkillers and having meals and etc. (everythings takes about 10 times longer for me nowadays) , we have been recovering from our jetlag and travels.

I cannot NOT mention how wonderful I find our meals are. Even Mike, who is more carnivorous, loves it. Although i would have been totally happy with vegan food, I have been given either fish, egg or chicken added to the meal for my anemia and a lack of protein in general. Everyone else is craving some meat I think, and I’m like, “Your vegan dish looks great as it is…!” How is this for irony.

They have a cheerful menu board outside the cafeteria- which looks more like a restaurant. Unfortunately as I am unable to sit up with my pain, I have to have my meal delivered to my room (by Mike).

I thought though to share with you our personal experience here. One of the things that have really been helping us is how compassionate and positive people here are. Including patients like myself. Mike has been talking to a lot of very inspiring people and he always comes back to the room saying “Everyone says they’re praying for you.” And it’s so encouraging to see people saying this is their 3rd time or 4th time here, and they all look great and have their cancer either disappeared, dormant or in remission. Most of them from Stage IV.

Yesterday we had a wonderful visitor- Daniel is the grandson of the founder of this place and is a C.E.O here. He is a friend of mine whose family had her cancer healed here and they both helped us get here. We talked about how no one really knows our ‘expiration’ date, but there is so much in between living and the point of death. We talked about how when the mind and spirit lead the way the body may very well follow. I know I’m in the right place for me, thanks to the generous help from all of you.

This is our room. So I’m here pretty much all day, until I have a better mobility. All I can do right now is walk downstairs to lie on the grass in the sun, when it’s sunny. I had a handmade ice popsicle in the sun, which made me feel a little more normal! (Their sweetener is monk fruit).

I’ve always felt like “what is life if I’m not enjoying it?” It’s a bit of a stretch to say I’m “enjoying” this right now, but at least for most of the day I’m feeling pretty positive. So “keep doing chemo until you are no longer able to sustain and feel very sick all the time until then” – often the only choice that conventional doctors can give you once things get complicated as they have their hands tied with guidelines and what not- was never something I wanted to do. Or rather, I tried it and I knew it wasn’t for me. But I think in the long run it may lessen my emotional burden, as many believe that it’s the course you “should” take. I’m not that good at ignoring the majority when it comes to personal things. Too much chemotherapy for too long without adding in any other treatments, is probably not for a lot of people. But often it’s the only option. There is a pressure from your family who firmly believes in whatever recommended by doctors and hospitals. A blessing and curse of a comparatively good healthcare system in Japan.

But what I’ve learned is that the conventional treatment seems to work for a lot of people. My best friend in the UK has been cancer-free for several years now. It all depends on the type of cancer, your genetics and body functions and everything else including stress and the environment. So this place, which offers an integrative medicine- a mixture of conventional and ‘alternative’ treatments- is great. Actually great doesn’t even cover what I want to say. I feel safe here knowing they prioritize my body itself. So thank you, truly.

I have listed the past few days’ activities below if you are intereted.


Saturday, 26 Jan  Detox and Vitamin IV Day

Morning: breakfast in the room, pain medication and body cleaning, coffee enema

Lunch: In the room

Afternoon: Vitamin IV various vitamins (3 hours): I had a reaction to either Vitamin B12 or Vitamin K (apparently common) so we skipped the last one

Evening: Dinner in the room, body cleaning and coffee enema

Sunday, 27 Jan  Resting Day

Monday, 28 Jan  PET Scan in San Diego

We left at 11:30 and returned around 6:30 pm, very long traffic and long wait

Tuesday, 29 Jan  Detox Day and Vitamin IV

Morning: breakfast in the room, pain medication and body cleaning, coffee enema

Lunch: We had it in the garden in the sun

Afternoon: Mineral injection by IV (3 hours)

Evening: Dinner in the room, body cleaning and coffee enema

Wednesday, 30 Jan  Resting Day

Morning: breakfast (I made it to downstairs sofa), pain medication and body cleaning

Lunch: We had it in our room. Mike went out for an errand (to Walmart)

Afternoon: We received a visitor (Mr. D. Kennedy- see above), I lied down for 30 mins in the sun in the garden, Mike went to a cookery lesson (vegan tacos) offered here.

Dinner: I had it in my room, Mike went down to the cafeteria, body cleaning








ここで私たちの個人的な経験を共有したいと思いました。私たちを本当に助けてくれていることの 1 つは、ここの人々がどれほど思いやりがあり、前向きであるかということです。私のような患者も含めて。マイクはたくさんのとてもインスピレーションを与えてくれる人々と話していて、いつも部屋に戻ってきて「みんながあなたのために祈っていると言っています」と言いました。そして、ここに来るのは 3 回目か 4 回目だと言う人々を見るのは、とても励みになります。彼らは皆、見た目も良く、癌が消失、休眠状態、または寛解状態にあります。そのほとんどはステージ IV のものです。



ここが私たちの部屋です。私は動けるようになるまで、ほぼ一日中ここにいます。今私にできることは、晴れたときに階下に歩いて日向の芝生の上に横たわることだけです。太陽の下で手作りのアイスキャンディーを食べたので、少し普通の気分になりました。 (甘味料はモンクフルーツです)。

私はいつも「歓びのない人生って何だろう?」と感じていました。今、これを「楽しんでいる」と言うのは少し言い過ぎですが、少なくとも一日のほとんどの時間はかなりポジティブな気分です。したがって、「化学療法をもう続けることができなくなるまで続け、その間はずっとひどい気分で生きる」 ということはやりたくありませんでした。 ガイドラインなどに縛られているため、事態が複雑になった場合、従来の医師が与えることができる唯一の選択肢であることが多い 方法です。というか、試してみて自分にはやはり直感通り向いていないことがわかりました。しかし、多くの人がそれが「取るべき」道であると信じているので、長期的には化学療法をやってはみたことが私の精神的な負担を軽減するかもしれないと思います。私は個人的なことに関しては大多数を無視するのがあまり得意ではありません。他の治療法を追加せずに、あまりにも長期間にわたって多量の化学療法を行うことは、おそらく多くの人にとって好ましくありません。しかし、多くの場合、それが唯一の選択肢です。医師や病院が勧めるものは何でも固く信じている家族からのプレッシャーがあります。日本の比較的充実した医療制度の恩恵と呪いでもあるかもしれません。