Hello, the Oasis of Hope

On Thursday morning, the driver from the hospital picked us up at the hotel, and we crossed the border in what felt like 10 minutes!


Then after a short 30 minute drive, we arrived at the Oasis of Hope!


After a quick briefing and registration we went down to the cafeteria for lunch. There is a very good salad bar.



The basic food all vegan, although today I was told I will be given animal protein based on my blood test result… as I still am slightly anemic apparently.


Then we met with a doctor who asked us a list of questions and gave a very thorough physical check- literally from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

After everything he gave a prayer for my healing, which I thought was nice. I know a lot of people are rather ‘allergic’ to religion, but I’ve always been relatively comfortable with basic religious teachings that try to help humanity. Well as long as it’s not so extreme or harmful to anyone. So I prayed with the doctor for my healing.


Then I started my treatment straight away.

Then a quick supper and time for bed. My first day. So far so good, everyone is very friendly and we are well taken care of. I am very grateful to be here.




米国からメキシコへの小切手はありません。 「疑わしいと思われる場合に限ります。」私たちの運転手によると。












We arrived at San Diego

Dear friends, families and everyone (日本語のGoogle翻訳は下にあります)


I hope this article finds you well and in good spirit. Thank you so much for supporting me and Michael, we are truly grateful for your kindness and compassion. I am writing this blog for people who are cheering for me so you can check up this place if you ever wonder how I’m doing. (In case you don’t know my situation, you can find the background here.


As I am writing this Mike and I are in San Diego before heading to the Oasis of Hope on Thursday morning. We arrived last night and today we are resting. The two flights (connecting in Honolulu) were rather tough for me, but thanks to your help I was able to at least fly on Business/First class, where I could lie down flat. I don’t think I could have made it otherwise.


The hotel we are staying is in an area called Gaslamp Quarter and it looks like an interesting historic area. I say it looks like, as I couldn’t walk around to check out the area as I was in pain I had to turn around outside the hotel. But Mike brought us back some lunch, and we had it at the rooftop balcony.


Rooftop of Gaslamp Plaza Suite. Nothing fancy, but friendly and clean. Apparently it was a bank before. Built in 1930s, it was a skyscraper then.


Since I am bed-ridden, I thought to talk about pain here, as friends and families worry. A lot of people react with fear (or horror?!) when I say I’m in pain. Of course I’d rather not be in pain, but the way I see it is that it is a sign from the body, telling us that there is a place that needs to be taken care of. In the last year I’ve learnt some techniques to manage pain, both physically and mentally, and it helps. One thing I learnt for sure, is that fear makes pain worse.

So I try not to imagine the worst when pain takes place, and instead, think of my cat lying on a soft cushion or my dog doing something silly or cute. Sometimes moving your muscle can also relieve pain, which may be counterintuitive. This works with a lot of situations actually…!


My cat and dog. San the cat is very supple and soft…  and relaxing your body is the best thing for pain (or any other alignment).


More later, we are being picked up by the hospital (top-notch service!) on Thursday morning to head to Tijuana. The Oasis of Hope, literally for me.

Thank you for your support.





この記事があなたに元気を与えてくれることを願っています。私とマイケルをサポートしていただき、本当にありがとうございます。あなたの優しさと思いやりに本当に感謝しています。このブログは私を応援してくれる人たちが、私の様子が気になった時に覗いてみてもらえるよう書いています (私の状況をご存じない方のためは、ここに背景があります。


これを書いている今、マイクと私はサンディエゴにいます。木曜日の朝にオアシス・オブ・ホープに向かう前に2日の休憩です。昨夜到着し、今日は休んでいます。 2つのフライト(ホノルルでの乗り継ぎ)は私にとってかなり大変でしたが、あなたの助けのおかげで、少なくとも横になれるビジネス/ファーストクラスに乗ることができました。そうでなければ無理だったろうと思います。




写真:ガスランププラザスイートの屋上。派手なものは何もありませんが、フレンドリーで清潔です。以前は銀行だったそうです。 1930年代に建てられたもので、当時は超高層ビルでした。


私は少なくとも今日はおそらくずっと寝たきりなので、ここで痛みについて話そうと思いました。私が痛みを感じていると言うと、多くの人は恐怖(またはホラー?!)の反応をします。もちろん痛みは無いに越したことはありませんが、それはケアが必要な場所があるという体からのサインだと私は考えています。昨年、私は肉体的にも精神的にも痛みを管理するいくつかのテクニックを学び、それが役立っています。私が確かに学んだことの 1 つは、恐怖は痛みを悪化させるということです。